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Slab Design Example 2: Discontinuous Edge Reinforcing | Reinforced Concrete Design


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The objective of this video is to find out the spacing requirements in the top reinforcing at support discontinuous edge case using section (C). At first, the video gives a quick overview for the given condition & clarify why there is only needed to do the calculation for x directional reinforcing. Next, the video refers to section (C) where it states that the negative bending moment at a discontinuous edge may be taken as 0.5 times the midspan values in the direction considered.

Moving on, the video shows how to finds out the minimum area requirements for top reinforcing discontinuous edge using the principle assessed from section (C) with the known midspan values of area which calculation has been shown at video 6.15. Subsequently, the video calculates down the minimum spacing requirements for x directional reinforcing. On hand practice is highly recommended to do with this video to have good understanding on the content of this lesson.