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Slab Design Example 1: Design Moments | Reinforced Concrete Design


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The objectives of this video are to look at the maximum load combinations and calculate the design moment in horizontal & vertical direction for slab 1 using section At first, the video shows the calculation of total load acting on slab 1 using the given values of gravity and live load referring the section 4.4.2 of AS1170.0. Next, the video draws slab 1 overviewing its horizontal and vertical dimension. Moving on, the video draws load diagram and corresponding bending moment diagram for the obtained value of total load acting on slab 1.

Subsequently, the video introduces the equations for positive design bending moments at midspan for both horizontal and vertical directions using section Next, the video shows how to find out the bending moment coefficient for rectangular slabs from table (A) and later putting these values into the introduced equations the bending moments at midspan have been calculated down. The values of moments at horizontal and vertical directions are found to be equal as the slab is square in dimension.