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Beam Design Example: Length of Reinforcing Bars | Reinforced Concrete Structures


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The objective of this video is to enclose the moment envelope for the obtained different values of steel bars for reinforcing requirements as part of beam design in previous videos. First part of the video briefly shows a summary of obtained values of capacity moment and steel bars diameter for the case of max and min sagging and hogging cases. Next, the video elaborately comes over to the bending moment diagram for 4 different load cases that has been explained in previous video 7.4.

Moving on, the video shows in details how to plot the obtained values of maximum and minimum sagging moment into the described bending moment diagram; subsequently also shows how to plot the obtained values of maximum and minimum hogging moment into the same diagram. The video graphically illustrates all the components and thereby finally encloses the moment envelope for the exemplary case described in this video series of beam design.