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Life of Cave: Bridge Construction Portal (Gmod)


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“Hey, Cave Johnson here. Talking to you from the distant future of 2017!~ I know what you’re thinking, ‘Cave! 2017? That’s ludicrous! Are there flying cars? Hover Boards? Cool, self drying, self tying shoes?’ Uh... no, no and no. But there are hand held phones, and portable computers . Ooo! Ooo! And they have these things called video games, which are like simulations if real and ficticio-... *Unintelligible* What that? Oh! Right. I’m here on behalf of the Aperture Science, Perpetual Testing Initiative. After using over half a million metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium, and killing in a few of Schrodingers cats. Our crack team of scientists successfully built multi-dimensional tear device, which has let us travel to other universes. I’ve met Cave Johnson’s of all kinds, tall ones, short ones, black, yellow, purple, you get the point. The fact is we’ve defied the laws of physics. Eat that Einstein.”