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Fairway Road Grand River Bridge segmental construction time-lapse video


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Construction was recently completed on the Fairway Road Grand River Bridge project in the Region of Waterloo.

Connecting the Ontario cities of Kitchener and Cambridge, the crossing is a four-span, high-level, variable depth, post-tensioned, cast-in-place, twin box girder segmental bridge, 237 m in length with a main span of 95 m over the Grand River. It will carry four lanes of traffic with multi-use sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists on both sides, and will provide far-ranging views of the Grand River Valley.

The project is the first Grand River crossing undertaken by the Region of Waterloo since its incorporation in 1973, and the largest bridge ever constructed by the region. MMM's role included an environmental assessment; structural, roadway, electrical, and landscape design; environmental mitigation; hydrogeology; and construction administration and supervision.

Matthew Wartman, a hydrogeologist in MMM's Kitchener office, put together a time-lapse video of the segmental construction of the project.